I’m Edward Sanchez, award winning Director of Photography and camera man. Working predominantly in the UK, I have also produced films from all around the world including The USA, South Africa, Spain and Estonia. Specialising in documentary film making, I have directed or been part of a broad range of award winning documentaries. In 2010 I co-produced my first feature length documentary ‘Domme’ a hard-faced view into the world of a full time Dominatrix and a full time mother, living and working in Kent, UK. Within the film we see Mistress Kent whilst at work in her role as a dominatrix, with a brief insight to some of the bizarre requests and phone calls she receives. Yet the film aims to also show how people within professions such as these, can also be hard working people who have a loving caring family. This film was entered into the Berlin International Experimental Film Festival and won Best Film.

Since then I have produced my own documentary ‘La Plaza de Toros’ winner of ‘Most Cinemagraphic’ award. The film looks at the art within Bullfighting, an area of high controversy that has been sparking heated debates for years. The film follows a strong narrative throughout the main stages leading up to, and including a bullfight, and is subsequently broken down into three chapters.

I have also worked on several projects with the very talented Adam Pacitti, including ‘Everything’s Bigger, Adam Pacitti’s Accidental Guide to Texas’; a feature length documentary following Pacitti’s amateur wrestling career cross the pond having been booked to wrestle in Texas. As well as other campaigns including ‘Employ Adam’ & ‘UK Together’.

I am currently the director of Soft-Focus, a production I started specialising in high end promotional videos. Clients for this includes BMW Mini, Warwickshire District Council, Citizens Advice Bureau , Strongman Tools & Table Art.

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